Sunday, December 28, 2008

What did you get for Christmas?

Me? Well what I did was tell my husband Ill spend $100 and you spend the same amount and get me something.

Well he had no idea what to get - I told him - get something anything does not matter.... he basically refused and said I was picky... I dont think I am at all....

Well in the end I gave in and just purchased a bunch of clothes for myself from one of my favorite stores - NY and Co... and didnt even wrap it.

He made it worse for me - he had to guess what I got him - he knew what I was getting him - he couldnt even lie about it. So I gave him his gift and he gave me a piece of paper with his guesses. And - he did know - I told him I am never giving him anything ever again! He pulled the same stunt last year. Whats with men, they just dont get it.

Did I get what I wanted? Well no - but I didnt want or ask for anything. I believe Christmas is for giving - and thats what I did. I hate asking for things or when I am asked what I want - am I crazy for thinking such a thing? One should appreciate anything they receive no matter what it is. Being together for what - 8 years one would think he could purchase something for me, from his heart.

What to do...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Things are great so far

Well I finished all my MAJOR Christmas shopping - so thats a good thing... Taylor has been adapting very well, we've actually heard her bark a few times... we didnt think she would but once she knew who lived here and who didnt, she became protective of someone else enters. So it shocked us really... but we are happy she seems happy.

We are having the family up here for Christmas Eve.. so I am making dinner.. whoo hoo... it will be great I know. I also invited my mother cause she never goes anywhere apparently.

Mike and I are planning a vacation to HAWAII in May... it will be on our anniversary... we are contemplating on taking Linda with us since she is so young. But tickets at that time are so inexpensive... I think we are going to try to stay at Oahu for one week and go to another island a week. Perhaps Maui - Ill keep ya posted.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Meet Taylor

Today we rescued a dog from the shelter. Not sure what she is, they labeled her a 'other' on her tags. They say she is a Carolina Dog. Her name is Taylor, she is a small dog, about 35 pounds, is very friendly and quiet. She is also very loving and playful.. This will be exciting!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Happy Dance

Finally got my car back! Woohoo... you have no idea how bad it is to be without a car in areas where you cant go anywhere without a car! Maybe things can get back to normal!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Manic Monday

Its been 16 days since I hit the deer... my van is still in the shop and I have no way to get around. Being home bound is not too bad but I still get nothing done, lol... I am so bored.

On a good note..

Mike and I are planning to go to Vegas in December so I expect it will be great as I have never been there before. We are supposed to stay at the Luxor. The hotel is a pyramid shaped building on the strip. I cant wait!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Man Im upset

Turns out my van wont be ready tomorrow - there are parts that they are still waiting on... at least Ill know it should be given to me complete... lol Still I have to return the rental on Wednesday and rely on Mike for a few days... man being without a car is horrible... how can anyone stand it...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Feeling Numb

I dont know why I am still up at 1130pm - I am tired but my mind is racing.

Mike redid the floor in the living room... he put in Laminate Oak Wood Floors and it looks good. The room actually looks bigger. It was tough, if you've been to my house you know all the corners that have to be cut to put it down correctly, but he got it down.. We needed to get rid of the carpet as it was yucky, and had holes in it from the little fire that we had. Only thing is that you can feel all the dirt on the floor. lol

Mike just got word that his job will be seriously cutting back on overtime... and well its a great thing for me cause he will be home more than just one day a week every 8 days or so... however, it also means we wont be bringing in as much into the house... Thank God things are OK for us and we are not struggling. He wants to start looking for a new job and I will start keeping positive thoughts on it of course. This will work out of course, I have faith in it.

Tidbit:Check out The Grocery Game website. Ive been saving a ton of money using their strategies. Last time we went shopping we saved a little over $71 - it was over 50% savings! It really helps.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


So I killed one of Gods creatures today...

I was driving home from a great day... its my moms birthday today. I invited her to my house so we can hang. I took her to Woodbury Common did some shopping - then we went to Gashos Steakhouse. She had Hibatchi Scallops and loved it. Then they did a birthday thing for her. Had a pineapple with a 'candle' it was like a sparkler that was amazing. Then they sang happy birthday to her and hit her with a hammer on her head. No not a reall hammer, a plastic one that squeeks when you hit it. It was really funny and the food was amazing.

We then went to BJ's where we shopped and came home. It was a normal drive as usual until that Deer jumped out in front of my car. Man I am traumatized for life. That vision of the deer flying up in the air will be with me forever.

Its amazing how fast things can happen to you. It was all a few seconds. It makes you appreciate life and realize how you have to cherish every moment, cause it can disapear just as fast.

The car looks bad to me. The antifreeze is leaking, there is no light anymore, the bumper and quarter panel is no good and the front is just as bad. Its gonna be a while before I will be able to drive the van.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Its been a while

Man I have been busy....

I started a new job,... its part time and supposed to be temporary at least until the end of the year. I debated over and over if I should take a job, but it was too great to pass up. Its in the accounting area, which I cant get away from. AP and AR at the same time and its from 9-2 while the kids are in school. I am here to put Linda on and take her off the bus which is great. I could be home - cleaning and doing laundry but I think I like the idea of actually leaving the house and doing something other than food shopping, lol....

Progress reports are coming next week, Already! Can you believe it! ... man how time flies...

Business is unbelievable! Life is amazing! Married life is getting MUCH better!

I recently went to this seminar for the weekend with Tom Hopkins. Man was it an eye opener. To learn how people think and how they interpret words was incredible. It was a grueling weekend but so worth it. It will help my business ten fold, I have increased my income potential and that is just too exciting!

Trying to get my butt back into church but its been tough.. I am set to go back this weekend and will sign Linda up in Sunday school again as she loved it last year. Not only that I miss going there.

My Attitude every day will determine my success in the future. Today, I will walk, talk, act and believe like the person I wish to become. I deserve success and will do what successful people do. I will refuse to allow negative people to fill my mind with negativity. Most of the arguments I have are with myself, so when I get down, I will use the famous GOYA formula for guaranteed success. Today, I will win. Why? Ill tell you why - because I have faith, courage and enthusiasm.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a week

Linda's been in school for a week so far, she's coming home off the bus saying she misses up terribly... that the day is long.. its so cute. You have to see how she steps off the bus, the steps are giant for her. lol - my baby is growing up,... boo hoo

I finally got to spend sometime with the spouse - he did work 84 hours straight last week. We went to dinner and met a friend of his from work and his wife... very interesting. Then we went bowling. I kicked butt!!! Even with the carpel tunnel, lol That was Sunday, then on Monday we played Disc Golf at Warwick Town Park. We've never played it before but purchased some Discs and went to the course. Its like Golf except your throwing these Discs which are like a Frisbee. You stand on what looks like a 'base' and throw. There are pros that kinda take a running start and then throw them. They get tossed into this basket of chains. We had a good time hiking thru the woods. Especially when we didnt know what we were doing. The couse was layed out in the woods, over streams, and in open fields and some 'holes' were 900 feet long! Mike did 18 holes, and I did the first 9 - took us about 2 hours.

He's working nights this week so I really wont spend anytime with him this week. Not only that I am headin to PA this weekend and he is heading upstate for a party.

This weekend I am heading to Tom Hopkins seminar. Its suppsoed to help me with my business and life in general. Look forward to it.

One of my businesses was featured in Natural Solutions magazine! Miessence was voted for best Hair Repair and Mens after shave Balm - we've got many great products for those into organic - check out my website for more

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School starts today

So it begins... today was the first day of school for many people... but it was the first day of school for my youngest... Kindergarten was great she says... she played she says... she made friend she says... but cant remember their names.. lol... guess she is fine without me.. how they grow up so fast.

Alex started 11th grade and Brian 9th grade... I promised him that he can get a job if he proves that he is doing well in school after the first quarter ... what have I gotten myself into lol... I doubt Alex will get a job.. he is just too lazy and he figures he cant do both... work and go to school.. geez... I remember going to work full time and going to school full time... and dealing with them on a daily basis.... I gotta talk to that boy.. lol...

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Happiest Place on Earth?

Well I traveled to Disney last week. This was the second time this year but this time it was just me and Linda. Also traveling with us was Yvonne and her family and Robert and his Wife Ari. We actually had a great time... although it was tiring as vacations can be... you always need a vacation from your vacation, lol We drove about 19 hours from NY to Orlando and it was not that bad. Next time we plan to fly, lol.

We spent a week at my timeshare in Kissimme... in the future we will be staying on Disney since Robert and Yvonne both purchased at Disney Vacation Club, which is far more flexible then what I got. They are ready to plan the next trip, in fact Robert was talking about it even before he left back to California. So now I have to find a way to get rid of the Westgate Timeshare and buy into Disney... lol... then again will I be visiting Disney every year for the next 40 something years? Who knows...

They have this great new attraction called Toy Story Mania at Disney Hollywood Studios and it was amazing, we went on 3 times! Its a huge video game... but it can make your hands tired... Make sure to visit it when you go.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Giving up on dreams

Well its done - I will officially stop talking about Moving to another state. He (My spouse)called me a Gypsy - did you know that Ive moved around over 28 Times in my lifetime! That all stopped about 6 years ago. This is the longest I have ever stayed in one place - Not counting when I was a kid - the longest was on Bedford - we moved there when I was 3 or 4 and I moved out when I was 15 - but who remembers anything before age 10 lol.

Am I ready for a new adventure? Yes - at this point I dont care where - just somewhere else - although Florida is calling to me. And I dont want to move further upstate cause I hate snow. But he does not want to leave. So I am stuck and my dreams have gone out the window.
Not only that my son is also giving me a hard time - he starts 11th grade in September and he wants to graduate with his friends, which means a delay of about 2 years. So what do I do, wait? Then if I wait, my daughter will give me a hard time as she will be starting 2nd grade by then.

So once again I push my wishes aside for the benefit of others.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Well I have been slowing looking at getting a job, seriously this time, I mailed my resume to one company already... many people think that I dont wanna get a job so why bother and parts of me does not... think about... Ive been working from home for a few years and I know I can just 'have a party' or write some kind of transaction and be paid a heck of a lot more then I could sitting 40 hours at a job. So why go get a job? Why give half my check for daycare? But working from home is harder then I thought.. I cant find people sitting in my living room and it also keeps me from getting out and meeting people. I dunno - Linda starts kindergarten in September so why not?

So how funny is it that today I find that my old job - where I was before Linda was born - posts a job - well two positions opening. I called and who knows - I will touch base with them again on Wednesday.. do I want to work there again where they made me miserable? Well the ones that made is miserable for me left the company and not only that I was pregnant and

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Writing a book

Have you ever thought that you could write a book about your life and family and make millions?

We joke about it all the time, but I think it would be a great story... no worries, names will be changed to protect you.. lol

Sunday, July 20, 2008

What a week!

So I spent the week in Brooklyn.. with my mother and her husband, who used to be my uncle... but thats another story....

We went to the city, Manhattan, which I have not really been too since I stopped working there in 2002. I miss it sometimes, the hustle and bustle of the city... all the stores so close to each other, the lights and excitement. But I wish I had a sign that said 'I am not a tourist!' lol - We went to the MnM store, Hershey, World of Nintendo, Bubba Gump Shrimp! Even checked out the supermarkets there.. lol... We also went to the Hall of Science in Queens, which was nice, even though the place was filled with kids from camp but they were gone by 2 so it was not too bad. Spending time with my mom had me realize that I dont spend enough time with her. Who knows what the future brings huh...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Should I stay or go

Well its 1pm and I am already packed and ready to go.... do I wanna, not really but I will cause I like to keep my word... not sure how long I will stay but we are supposed to head to museums and stuff... guess Ill see...

I think I need some time away - being a stay at home mother is hard.. people think its easy but I am bored half the time and get tired of doing laundry, cooking and cleaning - I actually hate cooking, maybe cause my kitchen lacks counter space, I dunno but Id rather order out anytime.. lol it may be fun letting my mom cook for me the next few days.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Well this is a first

Figured since the whole planet blogs that Id start! LOL - inspiration - my cousins Tanya from upstate NY! We will see how long I keep this up... lol