Saturday, August 4, 2012

Glitter Tattoos


Glitter Tattoos
A few months ago we were introduced to glitter tattoos. At one of the business expos they were giving everyone tattoos to try and sell the product. I was hooked immediately but did not place an order for a few months.   After much research we decided to purchase kits to sell in our store and online stores.   They were slow moving but they have picked up quickly especially after that informercial was viewed on TV. 

Double Heart
We have been practicing for the past few months on kids that come into our store and on each other. We now offering glitter tattoo parties in the hope to give people more options then just the usual boring same ‘ol things.

triple crescent 
August 12 is our annual town festival and we will be offering glitter tattoos for sale.  Watch out for coupons we are giving out randomly to customers and friends. 

Ive attached images of some styles we have created.

Cupcake, Lotus, Hearts, triple crescent, 'like' - 
These are standard 2x2 size and we charge $5 to create tattoo. We have 18 colors currently. We also offer larger stencils for a little more $8 and petite ones for just $2. They take about 3-5 minutes to create and can last up to 7 days.

We also offer parties starting at just $75 for the first hour. Please contact us for exact details.

Having a glitter tattoo party is so much fun! Tired of the same ol thing, try this.  They are water proof, last 3-7 days We have tons of stencils and can match your theme!  Princess, Superheroes, Young Characters like Elmo, Dora, even Perry the Platypus!

Want to do them yourself? We sell Glitter Tattoo kits that contain glitter, glue, brushes, stencils and instructions. Come by our store OR visit our ebay store.  We also sell stencils as add ons for your kits.

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