Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Its been a while

Man I have been busy....

I started a new job,... its part time and supposed to be temporary at least until the end of the year. I debated over and over if I should take a job, but it was too great to pass up. Its in the accounting area, which I cant get away from. AP and AR at the same time and its from 9-2 while the kids are in school. I am here to put Linda on and take her off the bus which is great. I could be home - cleaning and doing laundry but I think I like the idea of actually leaving the house and doing something other than food shopping, lol....

Progress reports are coming next week, Already! Can you believe it! ... man how time flies...

Business is unbelievable! Life is amazing! Married life is getting MUCH better!

I recently went to this seminar for the weekend with Tom Hopkins. Man was it an eye opener. To learn how people think and how they interpret words was incredible. It was a grueling weekend but so worth it. It will help my business ten fold, I have increased my income potential and that is just too exciting!

Trying to get my butt back into church but its been tough.. I am set to go back this weekend and will sign Linda up in Sunday school again as she loved it last year. Not only that I miss going there.

My Attitude every day will determine my success in the future. Today, I will walk, talk, act and believe like the person I wish to become. I deserve success and will do what successful people do. I will refuse to allow negative people to fill my mind with negativity. Most of the arguments I have are with myself, so when I get down, I will use the famous GOYA formula for guaranteed success. Today, I will win. Why? Ill tell you why - because I have faith, courage and enthusiasm.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a week

Linda's been in school for a week so far, she's coming home off the bus saying she misses up terribly... that the day is long.. its so cute. You have to see how she steps off the bus, the steps are giant for her. lol - my baby is growing up,... boo hoo

I finally got to spend sometime with the spouse - he did work 84 hours straight last week. We went to dinner and met a friend of his from work and his wife... very interesting. Then we went bowling. I kicked butt!!! Even with the carpel tunnel, lol That was Sunday, then on Monday we played Disc Golf at Warwick Town Park. We've never played it before but purchased some Discs and went to the course. Its like Golf except your throwing these Discs which are like a Frisbee. You stand on what looks like a 'base' and throw. There are pros that kinda take a running start and then throw them. They get tossed into this basket of chains. We had a good time hiking thru the woods. Especially when we didnt know what we were doing. The couse was layed out in the woods, over streams, and in open fields and some 'holes' were 900 feet long! Mike did 18 holes, and I did the first 9 - took us about 2 hours.

He's working nights this week so I really wont spend anytime with him this week. Not only that I am headin to PA this weekend and he is heading upstate for a party.

This weekend I am heading to Tom Hopkins seminar. Its suppsoed to help me with my business and life in general. Look forward to it.

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School starts today

So it begins... today was the first day of school for many people... but it was the first day of school for my youngest... Kindergarten was great she says... she played she says... she made friend she says... but cant remember their names.. lol... guess she is fine without me.. how they grow up so fast.

Alex started 11th grade and Brian 9th grade... I promised him that he can get a job if he proves that he is doing well in school after the first quarter ... what have I gotten myself into lol... I doubt Alex will get a job.. he is just too lazy and he figures he cant do both... work and go to school.. geez... I remember going to work full time and going to school full time... and dealing with them on a daily basis.... I gotta talk to that boy.. lol...