Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Can I run a business and go on vacation?

I am usually the type of person that vacations a lot. Since I opened my store last October I have not gone anywhere.  I took a trip to California in November during the holiday so I didnt have to be closed for too many days but it may have been enough to scare people away. Thanksgiving is supposed to be biggest shopping day of the year.

Its not June and I have not been anywhere. By this time we would have traveled twice already and planning the next two trips. My spouse blames my store and how my time away is now limited. I guess in a way is is right.  Im having a hard time with just 'closing' for the time we are supposed to be away. Im having a harder time finding someone to work for me. I thought my kids would help me out and I am not having any luck with that. They want to be paid, I guess anyone would and its pass the time were they would help me out.  I tried to hire someone to work and they never called me back. So Im to assume that they dont want the job right?  Im an employer I should not be chasing people for a job.

Well now that we are even closer to our getaway Im stuck.  I have no choice but to pay my kids to work and keep my store running. I make enough online sales that it would hurt dramatically to 'close' them for a week.

Can I still take vacations?  I hope so, maybe not as long and maybe not as many but I hope to keep going away. I need to get away from my kids.