Wednesday, July 21, 2010

To merge or not to merge?

Well while ebay and Amazon have been going great, majority of the products I have listed are not technically mine. I have not had an issue with it until recently. I have sort of a partnership with my friend. Everything is technically in my name, we are actually separate business entities.

It was brought to my attention that my 'partner' feels like a renter in 'my store'. Well thats what she is.... she purchases products and thats where it ends. She has space in my store.

I list, price, photo, pack and ship, even take inventory at times. I do it all. So maybe she is a renter in my store.

Ive also gone on my own and started purchasing products on my own. Now I make money in my own store! Go figure.

Then its brought to my attention that my 'partner' feels its a 'yours' and 'mine' thing when its supposed to be a we thing! Well she buys her own things and I buy my own things so maybe it is a 'yours' and 'mine' thing.

So shes not happy and well is expressing herself vocally. So in an attempt to make the peace I say well lets find out the steps needed to become one. I make appointments, I paid for consultations and even went to 'view' possible locations. All of a sudden shes elated and Im upset.

It took me a few days and some outside sources to help me figure out what was making me upset.

I believe its because I dont want to merge and become one company, split profits 50/50 when Im doing all the work! Or at least 95% of the work.

I finally told her today that I didnt want to 'merge' our two companies and that we should leave it the way it is. She shouldnt get any profit off my sales or hard work. All she could say is why I am starting to feel this way out of the blue. She believes that its my husbands ideas but its mine.

Now I have to wait until she makes a decision to pull all her listings and go on her own, or to leave things the way they are. So I could lose have of the inventory in my ebay store.

Maybe this is a good thing.