Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fuji Japanese Restaurant Middletown NY

So this hot new restaurant opened up at the Galleria at Crystal Run in Middletown NY - we decided to visit for lunch on Tuesday for our monthly 'date'. They have strange hours - for lunch they are open till 2:30 then they close and open up again at 4:30 for dinner. The prices are also higher for dinner, but they offer the same dishes during lunch.

We arrived and were seated at a table with two other couples. The 'tables' can fit up to 10 people, and I guess they try to squeeze as many people at the tables.

I ordered Hibachi Shrimp and my spouse orders Hibachi Salmon. We got appetizers too.. we dont normally but we were starving. I got the Shrimp Shumai as seen in the image. The presentation was cool... they were like shrimp dumplings. I never had it before, but they were AMAZING! We loved it!

The spouse got Eel Rolls - he said it was fantastic, but I dont do sushi so I couldnt say.

Of course they had a show for everyone which was fun, but they always do this at Hibachi style dinning.

We has not been to hibachi style dinning since we were in Hawaii a few years ago.

These meals included soup or salad, vegetables and fried rice! My shrimp hibachi cost about $11 I think and the salmon hibachi cost about the same. All together we paid $45 including tax and tip for two entrees, two appetizers and one soda, I had water. We ate it all, the food was amazing, but let me tell you. Without getting to detailed... it went thru us within an hour lol...

Overall great meal, great show, nice atmosphere.


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