Saturday, January 28, 2012

Jeweled Scarf Necklaces Review.

Review of Jeweled Scarf Necklaces.

What are they?

They are lightweight scarves with a pendent of some kind on them.   The pendants are movable and removable so one can purchase multiple scarves and move pendants from one scarf to another.   A great accessory to dress up your outfit. Or in lieu of a necklace. Some pendents are hearts, leaves, elephant, flowers, butterflies, owls, medallions and abstract designs.   Our website will show you the various designs we have had.

There are dozens of companies out there selling this item.  You will find all types of scarves made out of all types of materials and pendants.  Colors kind of follow the season, in the summer we got lilac, white, tan, silver and coral. In the winter we got black, brown, blue and plum and for the spring we are getting red, pink, white and silver again.  Some companies are sending yellow, light green and bright pink. 

You can find them retail as low as $4 and as high as $60!  I have seen this Im not kidding.  Yes Majority are made in China! Some vendors actually bundle them up for transportation giving them the wrinkle look. 

We have an average price based on the cost provided by the vendor.  We have also gotten them from 4 different vendors now.  We sell them anywhere between $12 and $18 depending on which vendor we get them from. 

These scarves are currently my biggest seller.  In December we went thru 5 dozen in 3 weeks!   Thanks to my landlords wife! Shes been promoting these like crazy and all accidentally.

I have not sold them on my business website because the inventory rotates so much I dont think I could keep up with them but I hope to in the future.

*There are people out there claiming to hand make them - we are sure there are crafty people out there making their own but be warned it may not be true.*

Keep posted.

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