Monday, October 21, 2013

Moved to California

Its been a while since I have blogged and Ill admit its because Ive been depressed.  The past few months have been so stressful I just cant get myself to do anything.  I dont think I have ever been so stressed.

Let see:  The DH left in March for that business trip, gone for three weeks. Came back just after Easter for about 3 weeks and left again to start the new job in California. I had to close my gift store at the end of April, we moved all my stuff to storage and we spent our 10 year anniversary having a garage sale and he left a few days later on Mother's Day.  I spent the next few weeks packing, donating and selling everything in our house and in storage. All alone as my DH was in California working.

At the end of June I flew out to California for 10 days where the DH showed me around and so we could find a place to live. 10 days to do all this when we had not seen each other for about 5 weeks.  We did find a place to rent which he moved into at the start of July, he was living in a hotel his job put him in.  July 1 I had to fly back to New York.  Finished selling everything else that I could, donating even more stuff, more garage sales, and finally planning for the actual move. I found out my older sons were not going with me and I was devastated.

After much back and forth we finally decided to use ABF to move our our stuff that we were taking and we were going to drive across the country.  Something I was dreading.  Mid August DH flies back to NY and we just finished as much as we could. I did a lot but of course it wasnt enough.  In a matter of 4 days we cleaned, packed the ABF truck, loaded our car and left.

I have a Prius so imagine myself, the DH and my youngest, along with the dog and two cats.  Almost 2900 miles, 5 days, 4 hotels, fast foods, meowing and dog whimpering we made it to California. Left my whole family, friends and everything I was used to, to come and live in a new place.

Now dont get me wrong its nice living in California. The weather is actually very nice and Im looking forward to living in a place without snow but I have not left this apartment in 2 months.  I dont know anyone and I cant figure out where to start.  Ive never felt so lost before, so alone.  I keep a strong facade but inside Im crying.