Friday, July 27, 2012

Clear tile sayings

These neat products great for any occasion.

Large sizes measure 1/4" d x 1 3/4" sq.
Small sizes measure 3/4" d x 1 1/8" sq.

Some have color others do not.

Large are $9.00 Small are $7.50 and they come inside a small black box.

Beautifully displayed on a mirror. Be sure to pass by and view the various sayings we have available.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Back to school section?

Its a long shot, we have a dollar store right down the street. They sell everything, we have all been inside one before you know the deal.  School supplies is one of them. Everywhere you look they are promoting back to school already.  Its mid July!

We are starting small with school supplies. Check out our Crayola section.

You never know right?

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Social Networking Sites, which ones do you use?

We have been on Facebook since I opened a physical store back in October 2011. We dont have many followers but its slowly growing.  Majority are family and friends but I hope it will eventually grow to local shoppers.   We recently, like 3 days ago, opened a twitter account!  We linked it to Facebook when when a 'tweet' goes out, it also posts on facebook. Its pretty neat to make just one post and get it on both places.  I hope that grows too.

We recently went on vacation and no one was making a post on our facebook page. The insights that Facebook provides dropped A LOT! I was pretty upset by it. There is a site out there called Hootsuite where you can post your tweets/posts and it will automatically do it for you on the days and times you choose. I personally have not used it since I found SnapRetail which is for retailers.

Our first post for SnapRetail was for a product that we have never carried.  The company says that it sends the blast out to your twitter or facebook (we have it on twitter) along with your emailing lists.  So this morning everyone got a message about the special currently going on.

If anyone purchases the item it is sent directly to my store. The buyer would have to come here to pick it up and it gives them an opportunity to view the store and hopefully make another purchase while here.  So far today no one has participated in the special but its good for a few days so lets see what happens.

I am not sure how to obtain more followers and I really dont want to pay for advertising on facebook. I mean I have family members with over 1000 friends and I cant even get myself to 100 lol. Its sad when I think about it lol.

Follow us!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Summer Sales seem dismal

Is it me or is the summer pretty bad for sales. Ok I know everyone is on vacation or just staying home in the air conditioning they dont want to come out. My online sales are up and I guess that makes sense.

Marketing strategies?  Forget the newspaper Im trying I just registered today and already set up a few various promotions. Its free for the first month so I am trying it out to see how it goes.

The program sends out promotions based on the current sale.  So one of the promotions start on Tuesday and ends on Friday. An email blast goes out promoting the sale. The customer would make their purchase and the items are sent to my store. It gives the client an opportunity to check out the store when they pick up their item. It seems pretty neat. We would make a percentage based on the item thats sold. Each item varies of course.

Its a neat way of marketing, there is a monthly fee based on the type of account you choose. Lets see how the 'free' month goes.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

It was hard but I managed to do it. I went on Vacation.

We had planned this trip back in May and it was a cruise so that meant no internet access.  Ok seriously we could have had it but decided against it. The ONE day we had back in the states I lost half my battery on my phone within an hour lol.

Yes I was very concerned because I tried to hire people and it didnt work out. The one gal I got is was to young in my opinion to leave at the store alone.  In the end I opted to have my sons and my mother help keep the store open during the week I was away. Was I worried? Of Course. Did everything run smoothly? It seemed to. 

Our cruise left from NY on Saturday and was to return the following Sunday with a single day in Port Canaveral, FL.  Once the ship left NY harbor that was the end of my internet access.  I had to trust my kids and my mom to run the store without my. I was concerned because my kids never came over the week  before and I didnt get a chance to really go over anything with them.  They knew how to pack and ship my products from my online store and they knew how to function the point of sale system for the physical store.  It was the customer service I was really concerned with.

When that one day in Port Canaveral arrived I turned on my phone even though my husband had suggested that I keep it off.  Within an hour the battery was half gone! I was online reviewing everything I could and then the phone calls started. It was like they could not function without calling me.   So yet again I was concerned but I could do nothing about it besides guide them over the phone. When we returned to the ship we were out of contact again for two more days.

Upon arrival everyone thought I should go to the store and see whats going on. But I actually decided against it. I did log in from home and checked emails, I replied to a few but that was it. Arriving at the store on Monday was tough. It was a long day and here I am three days later finally caught up on paperwork. From what I can tell it looks like everything worked out but I wont really know for sure for another few weeks when the buyers from last week get their items and complain. I hope it does not happen but one never knows.