Thursday, May 2, 2013

We are moving to California!

Ive known for about two weeks now and it has not really sank in I guess.  The job my DH applied for is his and he starts on May 13! We are excited and nervous as there is much to do.

I had to close my store first of all. The landlord was not happy, I was already planning to move to anther location and had given him proper notice. I did not pay April rent and was delayed in it, I was hoping that they would help me out. Instead I got an ear full of cursing and yelling and man did I feel like crap. In the end he got his money and left me alone. We moved all my stuff in one day.  Hard to believe I had so much crap!  I had to rent a storage unit and the rest is in my house right now.

The next step is to put our house on the market.  We had some crazy things with that as we interviewed a few realtors and got so many various scenarios, all with the same information.   They always tell you to talk to a few before choosing one. It was a good idea as you can really tell who is really looking out for you and who is just looking to make a quick buck.  We spoke with 4 and two of them were just like, blah and wanted us to just short sale the house when we didnt have too.  One of them says you'll never get what you want, you will have to sell it for what you paid for it 11 years ago!  Man Ive never seen the DH didnt kick someone out of here so fast.   The third says we have to short sale but gave us a price that the first person gave us.  The price the realtor gave us would have us 'break even' not short sale at all.  So we eventually settled on one and hope it will work out.

Then we have to figure out moving.  We are so tossed on a few options:

1. Sell everything we can, donate the rest, ship out incidentals and the cars and fly over.
2. Sell everything we can, rent a truck and drive across the country.
3. Keep everything and drive across the country.

You wouldnt believe how much those shipping boxes are! One company quoted us almost 5K for a 16ft x 8ft x 7ft box to ship over. Payable in installments which was nice but still high, that didnt not include the cost to ship the cars over and fly.

Renting a truck for cross country of course was less but then to hitch the car, drive for like 5 days, stop at hotels and meals, gas, that alone was over 1K - we are still looking at over 4K.

If we use a moving company and keep everything and have them ship it over it was going to cost almost 6K, plus the cost of the car and flying.  We could drive but then again gas, hotel, meals would cost the same as shipping the car and flying.

I think we are going to sell everything we can, donate what does not sell and ship out important things that can not fly over. Its the cheapest and Im not interested in driving across the country.  LOL.

Still not sure about my online business, sure I can do it from anywhere but I have to do more research.

Work it out via email

Whats with people these days opening cases on eBay? Is this a new feature? No its been there forever! So why is it when there is an issue people are quick to open a case instead of sending an email and say 'hey! you messed up'  NOOOOO

The number of cases opening is crazy! This should be something to resort to when there is truly an issue or when the seller does not respond or when an agreement is not reached not as a first resort.

eBay should ask those questions before allowing someone to open a case. Why does eBay have to be in the middle of an issue that can be corrected by a simple email?  If I send the wrong thing just email me, say hey I got the wrong thing can you fix it?  Or if something happens upon receipt, say hey this item is cracked or broken can you send a replacement.  Nooooo.... the first thing they are doing now is using eBay to open a case, I guess I should be glad that they are not holding my funds!