Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Happy Dance

Finally got my car back! Woohoo... you have no idea how bad it is to be without a car in areas where you cant go anywhere without a car! Maybe things can get back to normal!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Manic Monday

Its been 16 days since I hit the deer... my van is still in the shop and I have no way to get around. Being home bound is not too bad but I still get nothing done, lol... I am so bored.

On a good note..

Mike and I are planning to go to Vegas in December so I expect it will be great as I have never been there before. We are supposed to stay at the Luxor. The hotel is a pyramid shaped building on the strip. I cant wait!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Man Im upset

Turns out my van wont be ready tomorrow - there are parts that they are still waiting on... at least Ill know it should be given to me complete... lol Still I have to return the rental on Wednesday and rely on Mike for a few days... man being without a car is horrible... how can anyone stand it...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Feeling Numb

I dont know why I am still up at 1130pm - I am tired but my mind is racing.

Mike redid the floor in the living room... he put in Laminate Oak Wood Floors and it looks good. The room actually looks bigger. It was tough, if you've been to my house you know all the corners that have to be cut to put it down correctly, but he got it down.. We needed to get rid of the carpet as it was yucky, and had holes in it from the little fire that we had. Only thing is that you can feel all the dirt on the floor. lol

Mike just got word that his job will be seriously cutting back on overtime... and well its a great thing for me cause he will be home more than just one day a week every 8 days or so... however, it also means we wont be bringing in as much into the house... Thank God things are OK for us and we are not struggling. He wants to start looking for a new job and I will start keeping positive thoughts on it of course. This will work out of course, I have faith in it.

Tidbit:Check out The Grocery Game website. Ive been saving a ton of money using their strategies. Last time we went shopping we saved a little over $71 - it was over 50% savings! It really helps.

Saturday, October 4, 2008


So I killed one of Gods creatures today...

I was driving home from a great day... its my moms birthday today. I invited her to my house so we can hang. I took her to Woodbury Common did some shopping - then we went to Gashos Steakhouse. She had Hibatchi Scallops and loved it. Then they did a birthday thing for her. Had a pineapple with a 'candle' it was like a sparkler that was amazing. Then they sang happy birthday to her and hit her with a hammer on her head. No not a reall hammer, a plastic one that squeeks when you hit it. It was really funny and the food was amazing.

We then went to BJ's where we shopped and came home. It was a normal drive as usual until that Deer jumped out in front of my car. Man I am traumatized for life. That vision of the deer flying up in the air will be with me forever.

Its amazing how fast things can happen to you. It was all a few seconds. It makes you appreciate life and realize how you have to cherish every moment, cause it can disapear just as fast.

The car looks bad to me. The antifreeze is leaking, there is no light anymore, the bumper and quarter panel is no good and the front is just as bad. Its gonna be a while before I will be able to drive the van.