Thursday, April 5, 2012

Old Friends trying to come back into my life.

I have posted in the past about my former friends. How they all turned their backs on my when things went south.  How they claimed to be my friend but when I asked why dont they call me I got 'I dont do that kinda thing'.   Ive proven to myself that I was not the main cause of the end of that friendship, they were.   Ive gone out of my way to keep things intact but their lack of calls, emails and contact without my calling first showed me I was not as important to them as I thought I was.

Every time I saw them at the post office, which was not that often, I would be ignored.  They have to pass my store almost daily and never once do they come in. I invited them to my grand opening party and they did come over only to make promises to my daughter of calling her next week and its been over 6 months since I heard from her. Should I have reached out to her? After every thing Ive been accused of? I dont think so.

Just over a month ago a mutual friend we have cut them off too.  Nothing I said or did, they just caused heartache for the mutual friend and she decided she was done with them.  A few weeks later I get an email wishing me a happy birthday and how she missed us. Again she has not spoken to me in over 6 months. Not only that she bad mouthed me to the mutual friend when they had a fight! I didnt know what to say so I replied simply ' Thanks for the birthday wishes, you know how to find me'... I wanted to go into a tangent about how I have not moved, my numbers have not changed and you know where I work but I didnt.   Then like an ass i waited for her reply which I never got.

Then one day at the post office they were there of course ( I saw their car)  and Im dreading walking inside so I waited a while but they didnt come out, so I walk in. Im ready to just ignore them just like they have done to me and to my amazement they said 'hi' to my back as they were leaving!  Im like what?

A month later she walks into my store! Catch me off guard and I was like oh man!

Well we chatted like friends do but I honestly did not volunteer too much information.  But I am sure she was fishing, then she started to bash the mutual friend!  I wish I didnt keep my mouth shut, like I didnt know what she said and did!?!  Why did I back down.  Once again she promised to call next week and come by to see how things are.  And I should have known by previous acts that she was not going to do that, its been well over a week and nothing.

The worst thing is my daughter. They have been in our lives for a very long time, Ive known them since the 7th grade so well over 20 years.  They have known my daughter for her whole life!  Everyone once in a while she asks about them and all I can say is Im sorry.  Im afraid she will show up unannounced again while my daughter is here.  What do I say to her?

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