Saturday, August 4, 2012

Glitter Tattoo how to tutorial

Glitter Tattoo How to tutorial
First step is to decide that stencil you want and where. Glitter Tattoos placed on hands will not last as long as ones placed on shoulders, back or legs.  Be sure to remove lotion from the skin, they will not stick if you have lotion or sunscreen on! 
Remove Backing
Place Stencil

Step one:  Locate the area to place stencil, wipe down with alcohol if needed. With a triple layer stencil remove backing and place stencil. Press stencil to ensure it is completely flat.  Be sure if the subject has stretched/flexed/relaxed the location that they keep it that way or the stencil, glue and glitter will shift or crack. 

Thin layer of glue
Step two:  Place a thin layer of glue on the open parts of the stencil.  Glue entire image with a thin layer be sure NOT to place too much glue. Glue will be white when applying, allow the glue to semi dry, it will become clear.  At this point you can remove the stencil or not. It depends for me on how much details and how many colors are going into the stencil.  They can mix if not dont properly.  If its easy and one color remove it, if your not sure and need a guide leave it on.
Add glitter
Step three:  Start using your brushes and lift the glitter onto the area.  We have a variety of brushes, use what you feel comfortable with. Some times place something underneath the person to ‘catch’ falling glitter will help with clean up.  Working on a shoulder you will want to have them lift their arm so that the glitter does not fall all over the place. 

Remove Stencil
Step Four: Once all area has been covered with glitter use another brush and remove the excess, then lift the stencil off. If some of the stencil is still left on there use a pair of blunt tweezers to remove what gets left. 
Use tweezers for left pieces 

Step five:  Clean off area and your all done!

All done

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