Sunday, March 13, 2011

What went wrong...

Well it took over two weeks.

I emailed every few days requesting that this form be filled out, never a response.

Finally I got mad. My first email stated that this was getting ridiculous. Filling out this form takes all of 2 minutes and an email or fax. Or a few minutes dropping it off to me. The response: She tells me I dont have time, Im busy not that she needs to explain that to me. But Ill get my precious paper tomorrow. And that she was 'done with me' leave her alone, never talk to her again. Well tomorrow came and went and I never got it. So I emailed again, maybe I was a little harsh, but at this point I was totally pissed off. I said thanks for 'not' dropping the paper, thanks for letting me take the fall and pay taxes on your sales!... thanks for nothing, some friend you are! Imagine my surprise when the paper finally showed up at my office the next day!

I must say I have not spoken to her since this has happened and because of all this Ive cut off all of them. Ive been told I am wrong because the whole family is not at fault. However, they all made me feel horrible and have treated me as if I did everything wrong. Im not saying I am perfect and I did some things wrong. I will choose friends a little wisely in the future.

Ive been thinking of throwing myself a pity party cause I have been so sad and depressed over it. In this process Ive lost friends that Ive known for a long time. I have to remind myself these are not my friends as friends dont do these kinda things to eachother.