Sunday, December 28, 2008

What did you get for Christmas?

Me? Well what I did was tell my husband Ill spend $100 and you spend the same amount and get me something.

Well he had no idea what to get - I told him - get something anything does not matter.... he basically refused and said I was picky... I dont think I am at all....

Well in the end I gave in and just purchased a bunch of clothes for myself from one of my favorite stores - NY and Co... and didnt even wrap it.

He made it worse for me - he had to guess what I got him - he knew what I was getting him - he couldnt even lie about it. So I gave him his gift and he gave me a piece of paper with his guesses. And - he did know - I told him I am never giving him anything ever again! He pulled the same stunt last year. Whats with men, they just dont get it.

Did I get what I wanted? Well no - but I didnt want or ask for anything. I believe Christmas is for giving - and thats what I did. I hate asking for things or when I am asked what I want - am I crazy for thinking such a thing? One should appreciate anything they receive no matter what it is. Being together for what - 8 years one would think he could purchase something for me, from his heart.

What to do...

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Things are great so far

Well I finished all my MAJOR Christmas shopping - so thats a good thing... Taylor has been adapting very well, we've actually heard her bark a few times... we didnt think she would but once she knew who lived here and who didnt, she became protective of someone else enters. So it shocked us really... but we are happy she seems happy.

We are having the family up here for Christmas Eve.. so I am making dinner.. whoo hoo... it will be great I know. I also invited my mother cause she never goes anywhere apparently.

Mike and I are planning a vacation to HAWAII in May... it will be on our anniversary... we are contemplating on taking Linda with us since she is so young. But tickets at that time are so inexpensive... I think we are going to try to stay at Oahu for one week and go to another island a week. Perhaps Maui - Ill keep ya posted.