Sunday, October 24, 2010


Well I guess I am not an avid blogger... if I typed more often these posts wouldnt be so long!

Anywho... much has happened since my last post. Almost within the next day of my post.

That weekend I went to an expo in Philadelphia with the spouse. I didnt tell anyone as no one needs to know my business right? Well I had asked my 'partner' AKA my friend of over 20 years to watch my daughter cause I was going to do something and I couldn't bring her.

The drive took about 3 hours and the weather was not the greatest. The GPS we borrowed was also horrible, it kept losing the signal and seemed to have taken us the long way. In any event, I found a bunch of great new vendors. We finally arrive back in the area at around 5pm.

Upon returning we went straight to my friends house to pick up my daughter. On the way we noticed that she and her sister were driving in the opposite direction and two separate cars. We arrived at the house and no one would look at me. Her mother talked to me with her back to me. Her other friend automatically says to me 'Im neutral' and I was like OK. She told me about my daughters day and asked where my husband was. He stayed in the car while I retrieved my child, I jokingly said he doesnt want to see my friend, but came back and said hes just staying in the car. I thought something was 'off' but I couldnt tell what it was. So we went home and that was it.. or so I thought.

The next morning, I arrived at the office, as I did every day. Upon opening the door, I burst into tears. Almost all the product had been removed from the office! I couldnt talk, I was stunned and in total shock! I couldnt think straight. But i knew if I did something it may not be a good thing so I did nothing. I didnt act on my emotions, I tried to call my friend and she had no time for me. She was busy. So I asked her sister, also my friend, how no one could tell me about this. How can they just do this behind my back and say nothing to me. How can they leave me in the dark! All I got is I helped my sister and I would help you if you asked.

Devastated I still did nothing, all the while everyone is telling me to cut her off, delete her listings, change the locks... dont talk to her again.

It took some time but I found out that she got info from my daughter that I went to an event without her. She became enraged and decided to remove her product from the office. I still cant believe I did nothing. I basically told her she can come back. She slapped me in the face and I turned the other cheek. After a few weeks, she still didnt bring her products back into the office. When I finally asked about it, she said she didnt trust me. Mind you, I did nothing to her to think that way. The event we were supposed to go to together was not until the following month. So she made a choice on false information. She hurt me like you wouldnt believe and she didnt trust me? And the kicker here... that event we were supposed to go to she canceled! After all that she didnt even go to the event we were supposed to go to together!

Well I caved and I taught her how to do everything. As I kicked myself in the process I showed her everything I knew. Within two weeks I found two mistakes that were marked against me. Did I mention everything is in my name? Well I told her I dont feel comfortable that she is doing it and I would rather she didnt do it anymore. She accused me of firing her and she was done she was out! She says sorry I cant be perfect like you and called me controlling!

This time I said nothing and let her slap me again in the face, I proceeded to remove her inventory from my my ebay store and buying more products for myself. She came in and removed her inventory and left the computer. She tells me I can hold the computer for as long as I want. But she kept the keys and hasnt spoke to me since. She says she does not go out of her way to talk to people. Am I just anyone? I am supposed to be a friend of over 20 years... she said she would still be my friend no matter what,...

I think shes done with me. I cant trust her anymore. I changed the locks, got a new computer and have been doing my own thing for a few months now. I acutally am happy this way.

Its too bad that this has happened. But it goes to show you, friends shouldnt go into business together. Its been 3 months and I have not spoken to her. My so called friend has abandoned me but life will go on right!