Thursday, July 28, 2011

Left handed store in Downtown Disney

The first time I ever saw a store called Lefty's was in the 90's. It was a small kiosk in the Manhattan Mall. I purchased a book were the spiral was on the right side. I never wrote in it since I thought it was so cool. I still have the notebook.

While visiting Disney last week we found Lefty's by the water next to Little Missmatched. Being the only left handed person in my family I have always been intrigued by these items that are supposed to help us. I do a lot of things right handed but I write lefty. I once had a subscription to a magazine called SouthPaw. What made it different was that the bind was on the right. You didnt read it any differently it just opened it differently. I have one child out of three that is lefty!

At the Lefty's store I picked up a pair of wooden utensils which cost me about $19 for 3 pieces. Everyone thought I was crazy but any item you use you will see they are meant for a right handed person. Everything I do backwards apparently but its nice to see there is a company out there for lefty's.

They had pens that help keep the ink off your hands, scissors, notebooks and more. I personally dont use scissors anymore as they caused pain in my thumb. I either ask someone else to cut things for me, or I use an iSlice by The Pampered Chef, lol.

Dont forget: Lefty's are in their Right minds! lol

Friday, July 22, 2011

The case of my shrinking daughter!

Ride Restrictions: We know its for everyone safety right? And I am ok with my kids not being able to ride because they are not tall enough. But what happens when one day you meet the requirements and the next you don't? lol

That happened to my daughter. While at Busch Gardens she met the 48 inches requirements for many rides. I guess cause she was in sneakers - amazingly enough at Typhoon Lagoon, she almost touched the 48 inch marker on the rides. At the first ride they measured her they gave her a wrist band so they wouldn't measure her again. We had a blast running from ride to ride and getting on everything. Finally at Blizzard beach she was so far from the 48 inch mark she couldn't ride one of the rides. We were OK with that ride as it turned out that the pool at the bottom would have been way over her head.

So did she shrink over the course of a few days? The chlorine caused it?

Who knows for sure lol. I just know my little girl shrunk overnight.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Fuji Japanese Restaurant Middletown NY

So this hot new restaurant opened up at the Galleria at Crystal Run in Middletown NY - we decided to visit for lunch on Tuesday for our monthly 'date'. They have strange hours - for lunch they are open till 2:30 then they close and open up again at 4:30 for dinner. The prices are also higher for dinner, but they offer the same dishes during lunch.

We arrived and were seated at a table with two other couples. The 'tables' can fit up to 10 people, and I guess they try to squeeze as many people at the tables.

I ordered Hibachi Shrimp and my spouse orders Hibachi Salmon. We got appetizers too.. we dont normally but we were starving. I got the Shrimp Shumai as seen in the image. The presentation was cool... they were like shrimp dumplings. I never had it before, but they were AMAZING! We loved it!

The spouse got Eel Rolls - he said it was fantastic, but I dont do sushi so I couldnt say.

Of course they had a show for everyone which was fun, but they always do this at Hibachi style dinning.

We has not been to hibachi style dinning since we were in Hawaii a few years ago.

These meals included soup or salad, vegetables and fried rice! My shrimp hibachi cost about $11 I think and the salmon hibachi cost about the same. All together we paid $45 including tax and tip for two entrees, two appetizers and one soda, I had water. We ate it all, the food was amazing, but let me tell you. Without getting to detailed... it went thru us within an hour lol...

Overall great meal, great show, nice atmosphere.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Using paypal for returns.

When a return is needed the best way is to print a label online. There are many home bound people that can not get to the post office. Or people that just dont have time to stand in line. You could go to the USPS website! Unfortunately USPS only offers Priority mail on their website.

There are other ways to select first class mail. If you do not already use or Endicia for your mailings you can use paypal. How?

99% of buyers have a paypal account and dont realize they can create a label using it. There is a special link and you cant find it easily on the website.

Why spend $5 to ship an item priority mail when you can ship it first class and spend under $3, depending on weight. Remember first class is 13 ounces and under.

I had a buyer complain they did just that, I spent $1.75 sending it to them they spent $5 returning it and wanted me (the seller) to refund the shipping fees. I explained you can not get refunded more then what you paid out even before they filed a claim to return the item.

If you buy an item for a total of $8 why would you want to spend $5 to return it?

You have to be logged into Paypal and use this link:

Once in there all you need to enter is the address you are sending it to along with the weight. It helps if you have a scale, if you do not check the label that you received the package in. I recommend turning the poly bag inside out and checking the weight which should be listed at the top of the label. No need to buy a poly bag! No guessing!

Youll get delivery confirmation as well, print out the label - tape it to the package and drop it in the mailbox and await your refund!

Simple, easy and low priced!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I had it for a second!

I contacted a company that I thought was charging was too much for office space. But with limited space in the area I had to try. They offered me a small space, just shy of 400 square feet. They wanted 15 per square foot, plus common area maintenance fees. Can I afford it? Yes... do I want to? Not really but anything to get out of this space.

After viewing the space and loving it! I said yes draw up the lease. A few emails back and forth, they want me to fill out all this paperwork. They want profit and loss statements, net worth statements, tax returns... and the list goes on!

Oh my I nearly lost it. I felt like I wasted my time with this whole thing. Back to the drawing board on finding a place. I dont think they are going to let me take the space since I have none of the papers that they want. I can cross my fingers but Im not getting my hopes up.

I had it for a second!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Stuck in this hole in the wall

Well I finally got word that I did not get the store front down the road that I really wanted.


So Im stuck in the hole in the wall a while longer. I was going to bring everything back home but I have way to much stuff and not enough house. Its too bad I dont have an extra garage or a spare room. Not until the boys move out, if that ever happens! LOL...

Ive been told that one can smell the mold on my boxes in the office! Its scary coming home with headaches daily. I dunno what to think.

There are three store fronts in town available that I am aware of... one is way to large almost 2000 square feet which will cost $2K a month. It has the ability to be split. The other two are about 900 square feet for $1K a month. They also have to go thru a realtor, which means more money. It also means expenses will go up A LOT with rent starting at $1000!

I really dont want to move to another town, I continue to pray something opens up and soon!