Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Its a Soy Candle and lotion!

So I got these candles called Soothing Ecents - I meet them at a festival last November but I have seen them at other events over the years.

They have these amazing candles that you can burn, the scent is soft - not over powering at all, the what melts you can use as lotion.  The feeling is warm and feels great.

We have a selection of 5 oz candles that burn for about 20-25 hours and 9oz candles that burn for about 50-60 hours. We also have travel tins of your favorite scents, great when you travel.

Come by and see if we have your favorite scent!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Adding Candles...

So a few people have walked in asking for candles. The organic potpourri scented rocks are not moving as I thought they would so Im going to invest in candles.  The company I am looking at has soy candles that burn at a lower temperature so you can use the candles as lotion too!

I love the idea of WARM lotion with a light scent that fragrances the room at the same time! Stay tuned!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Fun Save the Date magnets

How about a magnet save the date announcement?
Available in various styles and colors.
Please view our link for more details:

Save the Dates

Now carrying Birchcraft Invitations.

I am so excited to announce we now offer invitations by Birchcraft!

Please view our link here:  Wedding Invitations by The Sell All

Here are some images!

Please be sure to visit our website for more information as well as coming by the store to view our books.

The difference between the companies that we represent are:  Birchcraft is created at an outside location while I can print Inscribe invitations in house.  There is a minimum order for Birchcraft which Inscribe does not have a minimum order.

Birchcraft offers more items.  There are napkins, bookmarks, programs, save the date magnets and more.

I look forward to building on this business.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Need a new business name...

So my invitation business has hit a stand still and Im not happy about it.  Im starting to think it has to do with the name of my business. While I like 'The Sell All' for my store I don't know if it goes along with the wedding side of the business.

I've spoken with a few people and they agree that I should change my name. I don't really want to change it but maybe add something to it, or obtain a second DBA for the invitations side of the business. Maybe adding a name along with 'by The Sell All' at the end.

The problem is coming up with a name for this endeavor.  I really want to grow this side of the business.  I can create personalized invitations of all types and I want to add more companies to the list I can offer to my buyers.  I also have gift items on my list of items.  Its been very interesting process attending bridal shows and meeting new brides.

Invitations is a huge business and looking for my way in.

Please view my website or stop over my store.

Attending a business expo for retailer

Ok first I gotta say there are so many expos out there in so many categories its impossible to visit them all. Many of them are at the same time. There are also specialized expos such as the Halloween Expo, Bead Expos, Resort Expos and high end clothing and accessories expos.

While each one is different you can see how they are all the same. I started out attending Value Price expo in NYC. This show has OK quality items and lower priced items and it does show. If your in this type of business then yes you should attend this one. They also hold this event in Atlantic City.

Some of my favorite shows are the ones given by Urban Expo. They have great items and are not as overwhelming as other shows can be. Ive been to the one in Boston, Philadelphia, Orlando and Ocean City. One of these days Ill make it to Las Vegas.

The larger shows are the ones in the NY Javits Center, Atlanta and in Vegas. If you have ever been that the center in NYC you can just imagine how large they are. There are so many vendors and buyers sometimes the isles are un-passable. Sometimes I cant even walk thru it all I just leave. I have never been to Vegas but I am determined to one of these days. Vegas has ASD which is wildly popular! Vegas, NYC and Atlanta have permanent show rooms in the area as well.

The NYIGF is held in January and August. This event can take days to walk thru if you want to view everything. The only benefit to attending are the specials. Keep in mind sometimes the vendors will keep the specials for a little while after the show ends. The NY Toy fair can be very overwhelming as well. Usually I have a plan and hit the vendors I know I want to order from and bee line straight to them. Or I just walk by and collect flyers and catalogs and buy later.

Sign up for FREE magazines to get started. When you start attending these shows you will find dozens of magazines to take with you. Sign up for the FREE ones and keep the info on the vendors your interested in. This is an easy way to find products you may want to sell. Stay away from distributors as you can get better prices directly from manufactures. Once your on a mailing list you will start getting all kinds of information thru the mail or even email.

A lot of the times I register for a show I know Im not going to attend so they keep me on the mailing list. The vendors also get your information and will send you email blasts and post cards. It helps you keep them in mind for the future, you never know you may not need or want it now but you may want it later.

I keep all the catalogs, business cards and post cards in a box and I clean it out every few months keeping the ones I know I want to get in the future and toss the ones I know I will never buy from.

Watch out for sales people that rep for multiple companies they can be very convincing on selling their product. They will tell you why you need them and how their product is perfect for your store. Do your research! I hate when sales people do that because I am such a push over and its why I have items in my store I dont think I would have ever purchased if I really was able to do my research.

Each expo is different and will request various information to let you attend their expo so be prepared with your Tax ID info and business information.

Also bring plenty of business cards!

I hope my tips and ideas have helped you and good luck!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

So I got my drivers license renewal

In NY you pay for 8 year renewal.  The only thing they want from me is an eye test and the money. I heard if you go to the local DMV the money will stay in the county so I always go to the local DMV. Problem is since hurricane Irene closed the government center in Goshen we cant go there.  So where do we go?  Middletown, Port Jervis or Newburgh.. argh!  This stinks as we are so used to waiting 15-20 minutes to get service in Goshen, once we head to the other locations we can expect to wait 2 or 3 times as long.  Not to mention that long drive to locate the other DMV.

I always wondered about renewals as I can understand that need for an eye test.   Perhaps they should start giving people a road test, can you imagine how many people would fail! HAHA!  

Im sure we all agree everyone else is a horrible driver and wondered if they got their drivers licenses out of a cracker jack box!   But I bet if we had to take road tests again we would all fail.  We all become lazy and forget the simple rules of the road and need a refresher course.   Most others that have a license in any field have to take refresher courses all the time.  Driving shouldnt be any different. 

If they required everyone to take a road test before renewal the DMV would generate money and those of us that CANT drive will relearn the things they need to become better drivers! 

What do you think?