Saturday, August 18, 2012

Our first festival doing glitter tattoos!

This this past weekend was our first attempt at selling glitter tattoos at an event.

Here is the 'booth' - its hard to see but we had a very high table in the back with high chairs so we can stand and work on the tattoos.  I realize that next time this table should be on the side or towards the front as people would be looking at our backs when they walked by.    Changes for the next set up for sure.

Ignore the box of flip-flops lol.  I used to to hold up our sign that we created, the wind blew it down a few times. 
On the sign are our stencils in black and white, my lovely assistant create this for us and it was a hit!   She also helped with this wheel that had everyone flocking to our booth.

At first we were all shaking! But after a few successful tattoos we were confident in our ability.  This young boy wanted the flaming skull and I only had large ones. But I gotta say it came out fantastic!  It appeared huge on his arm.

We did give away petites when people spun the wheel and some people even upgraded. The Petites were priced at $2, standard 2x2 size were $5 and larger ones were $8, I have a few that are $10 and $15 but those are very large. One is a necklace choker which is beautiful and we also have butterfly wings. I cant wait to use those.  During the event we sold over 45 tattoos as well as local themed shirts and hats. 

Honestly I got a little apprehensive when these young girls wanted the tattoos on their bellies and while they all came out amazing I couldnt get myself to take an image. 

Please view our Facebook and Pinterest for all the tattoos we have created. We cant wait to do parties!! Please contact us for details. 

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john holden said...

my family is interested in doing the tattoos at shows here in nc to make a lil exrta $. and we'd like to know if you noticed an increase in ur profits and is there a big market for them?