Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I accidentally stuck my SD card into the DVD slot on my iMAC

Yea it finally happened. I love my MAC, Ive been using them since the first tiny apple came out many moons ago.  Love my MAC.

Well I have this iMac and the spot for the SD is right next to the DVD slot. A big design flaw right. I have in the past placed the SD card in there but pulled it out quickly today I pushed it in and it was now lost in the slot! I was freaking out, how do I get this thing out?

Well I did a search on the internet and found a post from techdc dot com. It said they created an arm to pull the card out. Moving the iMac to its side wont help, the card wont fall out because of whats in there.

So I make this thing as noted from the other post.

I made it out of a piece of thin card board, I gently put it inside the DVD slot from the top and move slowly down.  The thing gets caught on something inside! Now the cardboard is stuck! Talk about freaking out right?

I shut down and again pull the Mac towards me and wiggle the cardboard some more. I got another piece of cardboard and wiggle it inside and finally I can see the SD card. So I calm down and move the pieces around and finally Im able to get the card out. But that first card board piece is still stuck.  Gently push it up and whoo hoo it comes out but its all bent outta whack! 

Afraid I messed up something? No... the SD card works fine and I put in a DVD into the player and that works fine too.

Wow just saved my butt!  Did I mention I love my MAC? 

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