Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A you a picky eater?

I wanted to talk about something thats been on my mind lately.  Ive had a love/hate relationship with food.  You know you love certain foods hate others... well I have always been told I am picky and I never thought I was until recently.

There was a time I wouldn't eat anything NEW because I just knew I wouldn't like it.  Yea it was all in my head but it kept me from trying new things. Then someone showed me a video about how animals are treated and well that totally killed my ability to eat anything. I went semi vegetarian, it was the start of the end. I occasionally ate chicken but it was not often. The rest of my family hated it with a passion.  All I cooked was pasta, pasta and more pasta.  Id toss in veggies and call it a meal. I loved it, I was doing right by the environment and to my health right?  Ill cover that in another post.

Lets take fish - if I see its eyes no way I am touching it.  Ive never eaten fish, sushi is out of the question!  Everyone tells me I am depriving my self.  I won't cook fish since I can't bare to look at it let alone smell it.  On occasion I will eat shrimp but if it smells like fish I won't touch it.  If I have to peel or de-vain a shrimp, no way am I eating it, forget cooking it! I tried cooked salmon just a few days ago and I just didn't like it, doubtful I would give it another try.

Raw veggies? I can't eat raw onions or peppers, they must be cooked. Love grilled onions and peppers. I hate cutting garlic and onions cause the smell gets on your fingers.  Raw cauliflower and broccoli is OK if I have a dip lol.  Love to cook the heck out of my veggies cooked. I hate when you go somewhere and they offer you sautéed or grilled  veggies and you get them half cooked!  We used to belong to this CSA program which I loved but once they started handing me items I had never thought of eating I was giving away way more than I was keeping.

Fruit? Thought this is an easy one, lol.. I never touched grapes that weren't green! Wouldn't touch an apple that wasn't macintosh.  Watermelon with seeds? Nope. Bananas have to be the right color of yellow and not too soft.  Hated pineapple for a very long time. Avocado is my favorite fruit, I can eat it all day everyday.  But when they are brown or black inside I freak out but my husband has been sneaking it in my dishes.

Meat? I hate touching raw meat, any meat.  When I have to cook it, I open the package with a knife and use tongs or a fork so I don't have to use my hands to handle it.  I can't cook steak that well so I don't even bother.  I often wish I had a pair of gloves

Eggs?  Ugh I can't stand to look at sunny side up eggs lol, never ate them before, doubtful that I will.   When I try to make scramble they have to be beaten so all the white is gone.  I hate when I see the white in scrambled eggs.  But I like hard boiled eggs lol.

Since I am changing my diet because of other issues I am opening up to other things.  Its a work in progress but I am definitely a picky eater.

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